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1994 – Ray’s Reviews


Location: Hordern Pavillion

Date: 18th November, 1994

Rating: 9/10

The very first rave I ever went to. This was one of the best raves I have been to also. There were 2 full colour lasers that were really great, and a couple of green and red lasers. It attracted a reasonable crowd of people, but is was not crowded. Amazingly I actually went to this rave by sheer fluke. I previously had won a 2dayFM’s top 30 CD’s and I went to the offices of 2DayFM to pick them up. They had a whole roll of tickets that they were giving away, so I grabbed a few. And what do you know… I ended up in the rave scene!


The music played was a lot of Hi-Nrg, and Happy Hard and there was a great atmosphere amongst the ravers. It was pumping hard by around 10pm!! The usual DJ’s were there including Nik Fish, Spellbound, Pee Wee etc. The highlight of the night was when DJ Vagas came on and did a wicked set of Hi-Nrg tunes. They were not stingy on the smoke machines either, with the whole night in a misty dancefloor. Congrats to the organisers, as this was one great party.

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