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Alien Factory LIVE – MDMA 2

Date: Sat, 3 Jun 1995 10:25:40 +1000

Subject: MDMA/Alien Factory review


Alien Factory LIVE – MDMA-2


WOW!! The promoters actually came through, and I picked up the tickets to MDMA-2. The tickets are something to behold. They are laminated Mag stripe cards like ATM cards with the Alien Factory promotion artwork on the card. Cost of the ticket was $54 from Central records.


So, as Sat evening approacheth, I get word that this one was going to be way out of the city which was a 2 hour train ride to Richmond (Not California).


We arrive at the train station only to learn that it’s going to be a 2 KM walk to the rave.


Long before we saw it, we heard it… “Happy Hardcore” was booming into the cloudy night.


The line was short, and got in very quickly. As we approached security they were keeping the tickets – BUMMER!! What a great souvenir they would make.


This place was HUGE… No estimate of the number of people that showed up, but I estimate about 7000 people. There was no chill room to speak of, but the people doing the lasers let us keep our stuff backstage.


About 15 minutes later, Alien Factory were starting up, and played some of the most wicked sick trance I’ve heard in a long time.


I was somewhat disappointed that their set was only 45 minutes long, but what they DID okay was really great.


After Alien Factory’s set, Paul Holden took to the turn tables and laid down some incredible Happy Hardcore.


I went off BIG TIME, despite that I also went out to Energy on Friday evening as well…. I saw MANY people there who said they saw me at “The Happiest People…”, and “Smurf Village”.


At one point, I was dancing so hard literally trancing out, that one girl pulled me up on the stage to dance with the group. Holy shit!! The view from the stage, mixed with the lasers made for some of the most unforgettable visuals I’ll experience in a long time. To look out there at the thousands of smiling faces was something to behold.


The energy at this rave was like nothing I’ve ever seen. Here I was, at Sydney’s BIGGEST RAVE of the year, literally going insane….


As usual, the same happy hardcore songs were played. I swear, there aren’t that many Happy Hardcore songs out there, I keep hearing them over and over….


A little later on, I went out to get some water, and when I pulled out my money to check if I had enough, one of the security guards led me away from the group and demanded that I show them the contents of my wallet. I asked what they were looking for, but they said I had a “baggie” – I convinced them that they were wrong.


Back to dancing… As I returned, people walked up to me, shaking my hand, saying they have never seen anyone so old “Get off” like I was doing. They would say… You’re fuckin SICK!!! As I approached the front, people led me up to the stage, where there were about 3 or 4 people dancing. Even the security guards were smiling and looking at me dancing up there…. A couple of girls grabbed my hands and we danced around up there on the stage like there was no tomorrow. Even the sound crew joined in, as well as a few security guards.. It was simply incredible…


The lasers, mixed in with the smoke machines, made for some eye popping visual.


As dawn approached, the crowd still stayed the same…. energy level somewhat increased at this point. But as late morning approached, people were leaving, and the last DJ spun some housey trancey stuff. he DJ (Mr. Groove) was from the UK.


It eventually ended, and we made it to the train station OK, and headed back into town….


This was the BIGGEST rave I’ve ever been to in my life… What a way to end my Australian trip..


I leave for the Bay Area on Monday, and as I’m typing this up now, before I leave for the USA, I want to get in this report. I also went to recovery, danced until about 2 am.


I eventually got home, typed in this report and got it up there to the net….







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