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“Yup! I live to rave….”

WELL, I wasn’t able to scarf up a freebie and get into Restoration, but bought a ticket anyway. When I arrived, they had two arenas set up, one playing house which I avoided, because coming from SF scene, we get all the house and garage anyone would ever want. So I headed directly for the Hard Core arena and loosened my body up a tad with some pretty insane breakbeat with Sasha behind the turntables. I was practically the only one dancing, so I decided to go down George St about 5 blocks to check out Bernies Birthday Bash. I then learned that the Vibe tribe party was to be in Alexandria’s Graffiti Hall of Fame, which was way too far to make it on foot. So I called Mike Dagn to tell him that I couldn’t make it, unless someone was to give me a ride.


Unfortunately, I didn’t receive Addey’s message until long after the party. Sorry about that!! But I don’t have access to a home phone anymore so I was only able to check my mail a few days later…


As I was looking for the Pavilion entrance, I asked a few young Aussie dudz where “the Bash” was, and they said “You go to raves?” I said “Yup! I live to rave….” they asked how old I was, and after telling them, they said “Far out… We need older people here in our scene”.


I then told them I came from Restoration, and it was just starting up, and they said that they were planning to go over and check it out.


When I arrived at the Pavilion, things were just getting set up, and their dress code didn’t allow shorts, but luckily I popped over to Bill’s pad and changed, then came back..


Bernie’s party was a real slow starter, but I met this dude who was to be heading over to Vibe tribe at about 4 am, but was unable to connect as I’ll explain later…


Bernie’s bash provided me with some wonderful Happy Hardcore which is totally non-existent in the SF scene (whotta drag), and now I know why they call it that. I was bopping around the dance floor with this huge smile on my face, groovin’ to the insane pace of 170 – 180 BPM’s just getting off big time. My Aussie friends must have thought I was totally insane, as I was chasing the laser beams all over the dance floor like a total insane idiot. Sorta like a dog chasing a flashlight beam :-)


I had been partying the evening before at the Loaded bash at Club 77, but my energy level for the 2nd all-nighter was really cranked up and was totally peaking all evening until the end. Ahhh!! These double all-nighters really get me going….


The Laser show was really cool, and the fog machine provided my eyes with superb eye Kandy….


After a while, I wanted to walk around Sydney for a while and head back to Restoration, and by the time I arrived, things were going in full swing. I immediately wasted no time and got down to the most insane acid trance I’ve heard since hearing Goa spin. I met those same Aussie Dudz I met at the Pavilion on the dance floor, and they couldn’t believe the energy I had.


I was certainly the oldest dude out there, as almost everyone was younger than 25. But I didn’t let that stop me from really getting on and groovin’ big time. People around me were totally blown away as I poured on the energy and good vibe. WOW!! My cheeks still hurt from all the smiling I’ve done.


I headed back to Bernie’s Birthday bash so I could catch my ride to the Vibe tribe, but for some reason, Bernie’s bash ended early, and there were rumours that Vibe tribe might get busted. This scared off my ride, so my opportunity for a ride to Vibe tribe was reluctantly removed, and I had no choice to either head back to Restoration, or do this special workshop that involved watching the sun rise at the beach.


Not having an opportunity to go to a Sydney beach, we head out to Bondi Beach and watch the sunrise experimenting with a massive dose of “A”.


The sunrise was awesome, and after that, we walked around the many coves and inlets as well as gawked at the beautiful homes, and jogging pathways along the beach. The cliffs were totally amazing…. The water was amazingly clear, very clean and sanitary beaches here. I haven’t seen such clean water since I visited the tropics. The brown cliffs, carved by ions of years appeared to be sculpted by some insane artist.


After the sunrise, we ate breakfast, and took a bus back to the inner city.

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