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On February 9, 2019 in the 5,000 strong Sydney Rave History Facebook group Brett O'Meara, best known in the 90's for his Prodigy parties posted a simple question







It was not the first time that Crisis' whereabouts have been questioned with even rumours floating around that he was dead as had not been seen for many years. Some suggested he was in Adelaide.

Thomas S posted - "Crisis if you are out there please let someone know you are ok! - you are Loved by many <3" and he had last seen him in 2008 and he used to hang together at the powerhouse parties and at Gas nightclub.


There were even links to a crisis website  -


Sonja posted - "Freakin' LOVED that guy's sets. I'll drag my 50 year old butt out to dance to a set of his any day or night, and if it takes us until I'm 100 to find him I'll come out with my Zimmer frame." and that's pretty much how we all feel!



There were links to missing persons sites and some punters even looked for him on the ABN government site.


But a week later great news came that he was alive and well and a member had ran into him recently and had his phone number. Contact was made and Crisis averted (pun intended). He was fine but just off Facebook.


Old friend and SRH admin Shannon SKP asked if it was okay if he answered a few questions and he agreed.

These were just some of the parties that Crisis played at from 93-96. Even the most hardcore of ravers would have struggled to have attended a handful of those classic parties and Crisis was spinning at them! Crisis had a very unique style which I would put down to his choice of records and his rare talent of playing on 3 decks. It was rare to be able to identify his tracks and that helped make his sets great. His sets were mostly on the harder side and always got the crowd hyped to the max! He was prolific in both his career and recorded many Mix tapes and CDs.

Crisis agreed to a 2 part interview and here in Part 1 has listed a few of his favourite things:                              

SRH: Hi Chris, thanks for answering a few questions for us

Q1. Name 5 memorable Sydney raves or series of raves that you Dj'd at
Crisis: The Crisis Point series, The Prodigy series, The Virtual Bass Parties, the Utopia parties and the Tribal parties

Q2. Let us know 5 Sydney clubs that you rated?
Crisis: Stun, Daily Planet, Metropolis, Ouch and Energy

Q3. Let us know 5 Sydney DJs that you enjoyed listening to and watching play?
Crisis: Abel, Nick TT, Jumping Jack, Nik Fish and Ming D

19951014 3-Deck Nitro Crisis and Nick TT

Q4. 5 international acts you either met, listened to live or played along side in the 90s
Crisis: Mental Theo, Carl Cox, Lenny Dee, Scott Brown and Westbam

Q5. 3 Sydney Record stores you liked from the 90s
Crisis: Disco City, Central Station and One Stop

Q6. Name 5 record labels you rate.
Crisis: Midtown, Bonzai, Fire, Adam and Eve, Hartcore

Q7. What were 3 of your favourite tapes or CDs that you mixed.
Crisis: Aural Exciter, Energy Trance and Mental Blur

click link to hear them in Mixcloud

Q8. 5 venues that you loved to DJ at or rave in

Crisis: Centre Point Tower, Wheat Silos, Ziggurats, Gas and every good warehouse!

full moon meltdown.jpg
chris crisis someones on the deck 97 A.j

Q9. Your 5 most memorable years DJing at Sydney Raves
Crisis: 1993-1998

Q10. Thanks Crisis, do you have any shout outs?
Crisis: Shannon SKP, Emass, Jansen B, Jason Weaver, Brett, Sydney Rave History crew and everyone that I can't remember!

Huge thanks to

Crisis (Chris)

Shannon SKP for organising the interview

Jason Weaver for some of the images and flyers as well as making the CDs and tapes available to all

Brett O'Meara for getting the conversation going again

Jansen B

Brenden Brain

Jezza Thompson

Michael 'Crystal'

Sydney Rave History Community

Want to download some Crisis? Click here

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