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The SRH team are back with the next event

Elysian 2016 will have all the production value that you have come to expect from Sydney Rave History

An old skool rave reminicent of the early 90's with all the DJs you know and love

An over the top colour laser display on the night and some less heard favourite tunes you haven't heard in 20 years

Come along to experience the event that everybody will be talking about


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Vision Four 5 were forerunners of the electronic and dance music scene when we were all out raving. It was recently announced that they have 2 songs in the 'TOP 100 GREATEST AUSTRALIAN DANCE TRACKS OF ALL TIME'? As compiled by Very impressive for an act that has only ever released 2 studio albums.


Let that sink in for a moment...OF…ALL…TIME!


If you ever got stuck in The Big Day Out’s Boiler Room in the 90s at Moore Park (there were other stages?), you surely will remember the antics of this Australian Techno act alongside other Aussie greats such as Severed Heads, Itch-e and Scratch-e, Boxcar and South End.


Rave anthem 'Everything You Need' was one of the highest selling 12 inch singles of all time in Australia (yes back when there was vinyl). You will also remember the groovy and more club friendly tune 'Funkify Yourself' featuring the vocals of Lollie. 'Mr Hume goes Dancing', 'Purple Lamp' and 'Stormtrooper' are other stand out tracks that will start the memories (and endorphins) flooding back.


Vision Four 5 were masters of their craft and not only was their music new, fresh and innovative, and they were also known for their interactive live shows. The visuals projected behind the band utilise the movement of each member in a "control zone" to manipulate different aspects of the video and sonic components. This allowed for every show to be unique and it really gave each live show an indescribable energy.


The interactive component of their live performances set them apart from all other Australian bands of the time, and I would even go far as to say from the majority of bands who currently perform these days.

Vision Four 5 have reunited for a special one off show performing LIVE at Elysian 2016 in an exclusive showcase of their songs you all know and love.


What does Elysian 2016 have? It's got EVERYTHING YOU NEED.

Nik Fish’s position as a leading Australian DJ is reinforced by his skill, determination, drive, passion and many years of hard work. 


Nik Fish really needs no introduction to us here at sydney rave history and many will fondly remember dancing to his sets in the 90s and looking back at the flyers of the time he was on the majority of them, and was a huge player in the original Sydney rave scene in the 90s playing alongside Carl Cox, The Prodigy and other artists from this era. Technically a great DJ and together coupled with his extensive record collection he always has the dance floor full.

His career began on radio in the early 90s as a presenter of his own dance music show called ‘Musiquarium’ on 2SER and many of the tunes were to become part of the soundtrack of our lives. I know I still have a few tapes of his show I taped off the radio.

Nik has received numerous awards including being in the Top 5 Australian DJs (ITM Top 50 Australian DJ Polls and DMAs) as well a receiving an ARIA nomination for ‘Best Dance Release’ for his track, ‘The Winner Is…’.


Sydney Rave History have interviewed the Sydney Legend and can be found here for more information and he even tells us how he got his DJ name.!nik-fish-interview/c1l5i

Tickets to Elysian go on sale on Monday the 30th November at 10AM and start at just $23.


Mark Dynamix is touted by punters and media types for his talented turntablism and plethora of successful DJ mixes including a decade long stint with Ministry of Sound. Mark has been passionately and dynamically involved in the evolution of Australian dance music since he jumped head first into the Australian music scene back in the mid nineteen-nineties. He has played at such events as Prodigy Parties, Field of Dreams 4, Solidarity, Beyond Reality, Dreams, Sundaze, Twilight Zone, Brave new World, Fusion, Freelove, The Prophecy, The Big Day Out and the list goes on.


With the addition of number 1 DJ in Australia as voted by pop Republic magazine alongside his number 1 and number 2 DJ accolades with 3D World magazine and InTheMix Top 50 number 2 positioning for 3 years in a row, Mark has proved time and time again, he's a once in a lifetime figure within the Australian rave and DJ scene, with plenty more to ignite our senses.


Mark’s expertise with the decks combined with an inspired track selection works alchemy on a room full of ravers. Regarded and awarded as the hardest working DJ in the industry, Mark is dutiful in his approach to deejaying; continually pushing the boundaries with his unique sound and educating Australians about underground electronica. Dynamix has played at several Sydney Rave History events and has wowed the crowd each time with his music selection and DJ skills. We are happy to announce he will be back in March 2016 to play at Elysian.

DJ Shade began his DJ career approximately 25 years ago in Newcastle, Australia. 

In 1993-94 he had more exposure playing as a special guest at, the biggest club nights at the time, Stun (Neo Pharaoh on Wednesday nights),Brave (Zoom on Wednesday nights) and Plush (Sunday recovery), which was held at various different venues on Sundays. It was not until 1994 that he finally made the move to reside in Sydney and his talent was further exposed through his residency at a Sunday recovery, 'Sundaze', which attracted over 500 people on a weekly basis. In August 1995 the magnitude of his mixing ability was recognised when he, "played an awe-inspiring set" to win the Sundaze DJ Competition "with an overall score of 92%", "displaying a standard of mixing to inspire and amaze". Quotes taken from 3D World Magazine editorial August 14, 1995.”

From this point on Shade continued to rise playing at major parties including Sonic, A Perfect World, Trip To Space, Global NYE 1995-96 where he played the midnight set leading up to international live act - Dyewitness, Ultra-Sonic (Leroys Bar, Newcastle), Utopia 2,3,4,5 & 6, Love Nation NYE 1996 & 1998, Colossus 2, as well as Dance Nation NYE 1997 where his set was described as, "At 5am, Shade once again exhibited his skill, hyping the crowd with his flawless scratching in what was most definitely the best set of the night" - 3D World Magazine January 12, 1998.


DJ Shade's standard and style of mixing is one to be reached by few, if any, throughout Australia. With his unique combination of precision, imagination and originality DJ Shade incorporates precision beat mixing, sampling, scratching & tricks to create what one could only describe as, a euphoric musical and visually entertaining experience.


It was the huge acoustics of the Hordern Pavilion that first fostered Jumping Jack's addiction to electronic music. The swelling carnivales that were the Hordern's dance parties had him jumping in feet first. 


After securing his first gig at Sydney's Daily Planet back in 1991, Jumping Jack was at the forefront of the burgeoning rave scene. As parties moved from clubs to warehouses, fields and backyards, Paul became Jumping Jack, a DJ who first flirted with the harder sounds of techno and house that became a unique Sydney sound. From the revered Psychosis series to Krackerjack, Prodigy, Flim Flam, Love and Aztec.


Jumping Jack was billed on countless flyers while his mixtapes developed a cult following amongst punters. During the mid '90s Rave moved back into the clubs and festivals sprung up across the country. Jumping Jack moved with them, landing residencies at renowned clubs such as Sublime, Icebox and Zoom while regularly performing at countless one-off parties. In that period, Jumping Jack has been billed alongside some of the worldwide dance community's finest ambassadors - Orbital, The Shamen, Carl Cox, Sasha, CJ Bolland and Grooverider to name a few. As a DJ, Jumping Jack is well regarded for technical proficiency, and has showcased those seamless mixing skills as an instructor for DMC. As a DJ, Jumping Jack is renowned for his technical proficiency and seamless mixing skills. Along with these attributes, his distinctive style and diverse taste in house, trance and techno are what gives him his edge.

Reaver has been actively involved in the dance music industry in Sydney for many years. His achievements and influence upon the scene in this time have been unique and numerous.


Considering himself a music producer ahead of a DJ, he has always used DJ’ing as a way to promote his own music, and in doing so during the early 90’s Reaver exploded onto the DJ scene and began to play and promote his own music, initially with a residency at ‘Cloud 9’ where he used this night as a springboard to launch his DJ’ing career and demo his music to the masses.


During the period, 1990-1999, Reaver also worked hard at performing his energetic live sets which began with two computers and a DJ mixer. He would mix material live the same way a DJ would. From here the show began to grow from strength to strength, and eventually became a full sound rig live on stage, culminating with the ‘Prodigy Dance’ event in June 1999 for a 5000 people strong crowd.Reaver has performed live at well over 50 rave and dance parties in his career, which include small events such as Quality Beats, Area 51, Wonderland, and range to large rave events such as the Field Of Dreams series, the Smurf Village series, the Prodigy series and of course his own parties 'The Happiest People In the World' series.

DJ Eden started DJ'ing back in 1992 at various warehouse parties, raves and then moved into clubs and residencies. He played as DJ Eden from 1992 to about 1997, and most of his old skool stuff is under that name. He was resident at the very successful "Liquid" based in North Sydney for a few years, and also did our own show with Ian and Dan called "Positive Feedback" on Sydney's 99.3 FM (New Wave). He recorded the 12 hours of music that would be used as the rotating Test Transmission for 99.3FM for a few months before they started proper transmission.


Later he joined forces doing some of the first regular back to back gigs with my good mate Ian, and they played out as Brothers of Sound (BOS), including a long residency at Sounds on Sunday, and regular clubs nights throughout Sydney from 1997 to about 2006. 


He wowed the crowd at SRH's Return of the Raver event in January 2015 and again he had everyone jumping around to his outdoor set at Spring Fling in October 2015 and SRH are very pleased to have him playing at Elysian.

Visual interlude and lasers at the last SRH event - Return of the Raver January 2015


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