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Midnight Madness

Saturday, 22 February 1992


Venue: Darling Harbour Fun Park. Pretty much where IMAX is now.

DJs: Abel, Sugar Ray, Joe 90, Sheen

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Description by RP: Enjoyed Midnight Madness. I remember the waterfront fun park was surrounded by a mile of white construction hoarding, which might have been a permanent fixture, but was easy to scale inconspicuously to get in free. Darling Harbour and Ultimo weren’t nearly as developed then as they are now, but I don’t know the promoters managed to pull this party off given the noise it would have generated without any real soundproofing. Inside most of the rides ran well into the early morning, as we spent some time on the roller coaster and bumping around on the dodgem cars during dance breaks. The dancefloor was in a large, solid framed marquee structure that was packed to capacity most of the night with ravers going mental. Plenty of lights, can’t remember any lasers and I think it was one of those parties where sweat dripped from the roof. Lighter piano and vocals music compared to raves later in the year. Guessing maybe a 1000 in attendance – was a bit of a blur!


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