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Memories instantly flood into our minds at the mention of his name.  

But why? 
His name is different yet uniting for all of us…

Did you first start dancing at the Hordern Pavilion in the late 80s?
Perhaps you careered into Wednesday nights at Stun! in the early 90s?
Maybe your youthful energies went hardcore and happy in the mid-90s raves?

Sydney Rave History, Benjamin Sullivan and Cafe De Lata present to you Paul Holden’s interview in three parts.

Love and Good Life.

This interview would not have been possible without the below people, so a HUGE thanks goes to: 

Paul Holden

Benjamin Sullivan - Producer & Interviewer

Eamon McCarthy - Camera

Steven Chen - Camera

Gemma Davis - Production Assistant

Kieran Ramsay - Sound

Sebastian Quezada - Editor

Cafe De Lata

Playbill Venues and the Hordern Pavillion

Sydney Rave History admin crew



Check out Vinyl DJ Lessons - Paul Holden is offering personalised one on one Vinyl DJ lessons.

Visit the website 

Email Tim to organise a session or call TIm on 0413 108 881




Paul Holden at Return of the Raver

Paul Holden in action

Field of Dreams 4 1996 - Paul Holden and lasers

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