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Vision Four 5 were forerunners of the electronic and dance music scene when we were all out raving. It was recently announced that they have 2 songs in the 'TOP 100 GREATEST AUSTRALIAN DANCE TRACKS OF ALL TIME'? As compiled by Very impressive for an act that has only ever released 2 studio albums.


Let that sink in for a moment...OF…ALL…TIME!


If you ever got stuck in The Big Day Out’s Boiler Room in the 90s at Moore Park (there were other stages?), you surely will remember the antics of this Australian Techno act alongside other Aussie greats such as Severed Heads, Itch-e and Scratch-e, Boxcar and South End.


Rave anthem 'Everything You Need' was one of the highest selling 12 inch singles of all time in Australia (yes back when there was vinyl). You will also remember the groovy and more club friendly tune 'Funkify Yourself' featuring the vocals of Lollie. 'Mr Hume goes Dancing', 'Purple Lamp' and 'Stormtrooper' are other stand out tracks that will start the memories (and endorphins) flooding back.


Vision Four 5 were masters of their craft and not only was their music new, fresh and innovative, and they were also known for their interactive live shows. The visuals projected behind the band utilise the movement of each member in a "control zone" to manipulate different aspects of the video and sonic components. This allowed for every show to be unique and it really gave each live show an indescribable energy.


The interactive component of their live performances set them apart from all other Australian bands of the time, and I would even go far as to say from the majority of bands who currently perform these days.


Vision Four 5 reunited for a special one off show and performed LIVE at Sydney Rave History's retro rave Elysian 2016On the night we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to have a chat with band members Noel Burgess and Tim Gruchy.


Have a watch of the interview conducted by Mandy V for

For more information on what Vision Four 5 are doing these days, visit their websites


Noel Burgess:

Tim Gruchy:


This interview would not have been possible without the below people, so a HUGE thanks goes to: 

Vision Four 5

Noel Burgess

Tim Gruchy

Mandy V- Interviewer

Kieran Ramsay - Producer

Benjamin Sullivan - Producer

Eamon McCarthy - Director, Camera

Steven Chen - Camera

Gemma Davis - Sound

Sebastian Quezada - Editor, Camera

Cafe De Lata

Sydney Rave History admin crew

The Manning Bar Sydney



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